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Information Overload

Reducing Information Overload

The 21st century will be known for constant change and an abundance of data and information! The rate Information is sent has increased so much, that we’re adopting the ‘Omission’ concept – you can’t read everything, so you just ignore some – but, if you do this you run the risk of missing something critical.

We’d like to think everything we send out is relevant and interesting but realistically we know not everyone sees it the same way. We’ll be working to improve our database so future correspondence can be directed to specific groups eg Super Funds, Real Estate industry etc which we hope will eliminate the ‘Omission’ concept.

With this in mind we encourage everyone to check all Correspondence from us carefully and advise of any changes. Don’t forget to include us in name, address, employment or status change notifications. Please check we have all your correct details when you visit or contact us next.

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At DFK Gray Perry we are working towards improving future communications and reduce Information Overload.