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Cashflow Mastery for Business Growth

Many of our clients identify improving Cashflow and Profitability as key focus area, no matter what stage or size business they have.

So, as a part of our ongoing Better Business Series, we are holding a live online Masterclass on Thursday October 24 at 12.30pm AEDT to walk you through some of the foundational strategies we recommend are in place to address these ongoing challenges.

Presented by Tony Nguyen from DFK Laurence Varnay in Sydney and Brent McCartney from DFK Benjamin King Money in Melbourne, this Masterclass will help you begin to isolate the gaps to close in your cashflow management strategy and identify the opportunities to increase your profitability.

You can join us for this highly valuable, practical & insightful webinar workshop by registering through this link >> http://bit.ly/dfkcashflowprofits. Please feel free to pass this link on to a colleague you feel would benefit from the event.