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We have a deep sense of trust in DFK Gray Perry. This means that we do not have to be overly concerned with the Accounting and Compliance side of our business. It allows us to focus on sales, distribution and growing our company. Our growth to date would not have been possible without DFK GP.

Martin Rolfe
Managing Director of W & H Australasia

DFK Gray Perry are fabulous! They are a team of multi-skilled people who listen and understand your business. They can speak to you in plain language, are supportive and really get to know you on a personal level. Michael is great in strategy, Sam too. They gave us the confidence to make big decisions for our business and our family.

Ellen Wundersitz
Managing Director, Spacecraft

We make it happen by using our skills in specific industries to create the best outcomes for your business.

DFK Gray Perry has a diverse client base operating in wide range of industries. Our team can draw on years of experience and knowledge, to provide specialised advice on how to improve your business.

Contact us today. Our team is ready to help you.

Family owned businesses

We are particularly highly skilled in the area of the family owned business. With unique ownership and management, many family owned businesses deal with a mix of emotional and business issues. Failing to recognise, understand and respond to these issues can make it difficult for the business to succeed and grow.

We provide clients with the skills and expertise needed to ensure the growth and survival of a family owned business through areas such as:

  • Resolving family conflicts
  • Advising on changes and transitions
  • Tailoring financial needs
  • Allocating responsibility and roles of family members
  • Sharing wealth

Succession planning

All businesses go through periods of transition. These can be times of uncertainty and anxiety as fundamental choices are made to reshape the future. We can assist by providing answers to questions which may be of concern to you including:

What is my exit strategy? How can I run my business more effectively and efficiently? What if my departure is not a voluntary decision but an involuntary one? How do I unlock the equity in my business? Will I have enough to retire on? Can I protect my assets? Do I need to revise my will?

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