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It gives us the opportunity for us to record in writing (for you to share with colleagues when it might be useful to do so!) that we appreciate the time you have taken to understand our current requirements, and our goals and objectives, to assess how best we might organise our finances and financial resources to meet those needs, and how professionally you have responded with relevant analysis and a clear, transparent and detailed SOA.

David – Hackney

A relationship with a good financial planner is different because they get to know how you think, what you want to achieve and will work with you to achieve your goals, it is like no other professional relationship and is invaluable to me. Allan is such a financial adviser, and I would recommend him to anyone.

Ray – Maslin Beach

Accounting and Wealth Advice are complementary services, and we recognise the importance of taking a holistic view of your overall financial situation, and not just your tax position. Gray Perry Wealth Advisers can help you become more confident about your current and future financial well-being by creating a financial strategy that helps you with:

Financial Freedom

We achieve all this by:

As your chosen wealth adviser, we will provide you with high quality advice.

The first step is to understand your needs, goals and objectives. Once we have completed a review of your current circumstances, we will prepare a Statement of Advice, and present it to you. This will detail our recommendations for ways you can achieve your financial goals and objectives.

‘Those with advisers retire with more’

The Financial Services Council chief executive John Brogden said the research was compelling and demonstrated quality financial advice had the ability to change an individual’s savings behavior and encourage greater financial discipline, no matter what their age or level of income.

Your Adviser

Allan Taylor

Allan Taylor is experienced in all areas of wealth advice and has been providing advice for over 20 years, both in Australia and the UK. He has been involved in the investment and insurance industry for over 34 years. Initially he began working for one of the largest investment and insurance providers in the UK before becoming an adviser in 1999. He completed his UK financial planning qualifications in 1992 after which he completed advanced courses in Pensions and Taxation and Trusts.

Allan moved to Australia in 2006 and continued his career as an adviser, completing his Australian FINSIA Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning). In addition, Allan is an

  • ASX Accredited Listed Product Adviser,
  • Accredited Self-Managed Super Fund Adviser
  • Accredited Age Care Adviser

Allan has completed Advanced Financial Planning subjects in Taxation and Estate Planning, as well as the Cavendish/University of Adelaide Self-Managed Super Fund course.

Allan is an associate member of the following professional organisations:

  • The Financial Planning Association
  • The Self-Managed Super Fund Association

Wealth and Estate Planning Team

Financial Planner


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